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Hi Bubble programmers.

I have a simple question that will give me a difficult answer I think.

I have a database with RIDES. Each ride has a specific date when our Animal Ambulances has been deployed in rescuing a animal in need.
Like this:


Using the date time picker I want to be able to see all rides of a specific date.
To do that all my Rit_DATUM records are in mm/dd/yyyy 12:00 am so I do not have to use the time.

When I set the date time picker to Dutch date format: dd/mm/yyyy nothing is found.
Even when I change the format to: mm/dd/yyyy nothing is found.
Also when I set the date format to EUROPEAN dd/mm/yyyy nothing is found.

Please, who will shed a light on this so I can see my rides in a repeating group.

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@Polar - could you share a screenshot for how you set up your search on the repeating group itself?

Hi Dan1,

Here is my screenshot:

Nothing special.

I am puzzled, why.

Check the styles. I had a field that would only show d/m/yyyy until I took the style off it. Then it gave me back the possible date field formats once I took the style off.

This is how the date field Meld_DATUM is created: setting the hours and minutes to zero am so I can search on the date only by date/time picker:


This is what my repeating group looks like when I do not put a date in the date/time picker:

And this is what I get when I ask for a specific date:

This are the settings of my date/time picker:

It’s not because the values in your date picker are for a whole day, and your values in the column are a date and time is it? What happens when you copy one of your date/time timestamps and search for that? do you get one record back?

Problem is that the user does not knows what time the call is made so he searches on date only. I found out that setting the time to 12:00 am did the trick but now it does that not anymore. I only want to search on a date for the whole of calls that day…

I can’t put that in the date/time picker: I have to pick a date from the calendar:


then you could change your search criteria to be between [your date] midnight to [your date] 23:59:59

how do I do that?

How do you filter your list at the moment? from a workflow? from a “search for a [blah blah]” ?

a simple search inside the repeating group: without a specific date in the date/time picker it finds all records

OK so you can change created date to created date > Date/Time Picker A’s Value
Then add a new constraint
Created Date < date/time picker A’s value + 1

I think that will work assuming that +1 adds one day.

@Polar here’s a video on how to set up dates within your sort of constraints. (Note that the lesson focuses on today, tomorrow, etc, but the general logic applies).

It looks like you and @richard6 covered a good bit while I was sleeping :smiley: . But let me know if you have follow-up questions for me.

Thanks Dan1,
that video enlightened me and now it is working fine!!
Also thanks Richard6 for supporting me with solving this problem.

for all who are searching for the solution: here is what to do:

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