Dynamic child page URLs and hierarchy

Hello everyone,

I’m creating a site where there is a hierarchy of pages and I’m looking to reflect this hierarchy on the URL. Eg. Home.com/category/sub-category/product/variant

Each of those pages from Categories to Variants are dynamic pages from different databases.

How can I create the hierarchy I want in the URL?

Sorry if it has been asked in the past but I can’t find the answer in the forum.


You should use the “slug” field to define the url.

Hi @ilanmichalby,

Thanks for the reply. Yes I used slug to define a clean URL, but what I’m trying to achieve is the hierarchy of pages in the URL: home.com/category/sub-category/product/variant

At the moment, if I’m on the Category page and click on a button to go to a sub-category page, here what happens in my URL:
home.com/category/category-name-1 becomes home.com/sub-category/sub-category-name-1

I’m trying to do a “route” in the URL to get to something that looks like:
home.com/category-name-1 becomes home.com/category-name-1/sub-category-name-1

I see. I’m afraid it’s not possibel in Bubble