Dynamic data and display issue with line break

In the text editor appearance tab, when I insert a dynamic variable and follow that dynamic variable by static text I write in the appearance tab, this static text appears on a second line when I view the page live.

Is there a way to make static text appear directly after a dynamic variable without a line break?

That shouldn’t happen unless you pressed the ‘enter’ key after the dynamic text (by default the static text will appear right next to the dynamic text, without even a space).

Good idea. But, I just checked and I have text after the dynamic text (without enter) and it is doing the line break.

Is there some other setting I have enabled that is causing this?

I’ve got no idea what settings you have or haven’t enabled, or anything about your app or your setup, so I can’t answer that.

But feel free to share some more relevant information about what your currently doing (some screenshots would be best).

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