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Dynamic Data in Placeholder


How hard would it be to allow dynamic data for a placeholder in a text block.

Use Case: In my app I have sections which people can rename. When they choose this option the original section name pops up in the initial content. They then have to delete this to make a new name. However if this was in the placeholder then they could just type the new name over the old one without the first step. Small inconvenience but in this age of extreme ease I just wanted to inquire.

Plus the power of allowing dynamic data for conditional font sizing or color coding would be incredible. It would give users access to every color rather then having us define the colors for our users.

With Font size if someone could change the font size for a text and then have it saved then the conditional would just refer to that saved size. Does this make sense?

In the meantime, place a text element behind the input that is visible when the input’s value is empty.


We just added that.


This was a good addition. It is the the little touches that make an app that much better to use.

Thanks Bubble Team!!