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Any way to make Input Placeholder Text Dynamic?

I’d like to reference information in our database within the placeholder text but don’t see a way to do that. Am I missing something?

Does the initial content not take care of this?

I don’t see a way to make it database driven. Thinking I may have to put text on top of the input that’s custom. Was hoping I’m just overlooking something obvious.

The “Initial Content” can be data-driven, but the Placeholder cannot. Have you tried using the Initial Content field?

No, I have not. Unfortunately, that won’t work for my current use case – I’m triggering 1 extra input below the current one anytime the user adds a value. So, having it pre-populated breaks that.

I guess I’ll look at adding text on top of the input and seeing if I can get that to behave nicely.

Thanks for the help.

Update – Haven’t found a good way to use a text field in place of placeholder text. The text field gets in the way when a user clicks it and I don’t have a way to enable it to behave as placeholder text does.

Seems like I’m just going to have to re-design the form to avoid Bubble’s deficiencies here.

Don’t sure I understand what you want to do. But, I wanted to use Placeholder text instead of labels. but when implementing multi language support I got the same problem as you - Placeholder text can not be dynamic. So I just had to put labels to the fields:

How’d you make the labels such that users clicking where the label is would still put the cursor in the input box?

The labels are so small it’s not a problem. I have not tried, but possibly you could put the label behind the field since the field is transparent.

Thanks @philledille!

With small labels, there’s still some likelihood a user clicks them instead of the input so that won’t work for us.

I agree that putting them behind the input field and making the input transparent would work. I’d then need to add a shape behind all of that which is white so that the input seems like it’s white. This will work if I can get everything working in a repeating group. If I have to code all of the inputs, one by one, then this approach seems like too much work.

I also have this problem with placeholders. It would be perfect if placeholders supported new Localisation feature and also Dynamic Content.

FYI now dynamic: