UI builder - Dynamic data placeholders get too long

Hello all. I have been enjoying Bubble for a few projects now, but I’ve run into a little problem sharing the UI builder in content predictive manner / using it visually when dealing with some quantities of Dynamic text data…

The problem is, I rarely use pixel-defined widths for elements - coming as a front end developer, and go by the responsive/mobile first methodology.

And when pulling in even short form integers, the placeholders get huge. Or let’s say a relatively short character-limited length username might become “Parent Group’s User’s Display Name”…
When these pile up, the visual editor becomes a prediction based tool with loads of overlapping and unnecessarily container height gains.

Long story short… Is there a theoretical way to limit the length of the Dynamic text placeholder?

Generally speaking “Dynamic text” would do it for me for I set the rules in the Appearance window anyway.

Best wishes.

Look for “canvas placeholder” in the property box of the text element and enter what you want to see as the element’s placeholder in the Bubble editor


You are my man! Thank you so much, it was right there all this time. You can see how much this is going to clean up, in this case multilingual layout.

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Yes canvas placeholder is game changer :raised_hands: