Dynamic data not appearing in email


I’m creating a process where user 1 submits a payment, and when they do, it notifies user 2 with an email that includes a link. This link is formated as link.com/reviewtrade/unique id (Dynamic data) and it should take them to a specific page that is generated from the unique id. This is how it looks like:


This worked on the first try, but since then it has been very inconsistent. Now the majority of the times the email sends, the unique id isn’t at the end of the link. Here is an example:


Would anyone know what is causing this? The unique id should be getting assigned to this page since it also shows up on the page when it loads (and it never fails to show up)

Thanks ahead of time!

There might be an issue with your privacy rules on this: double-check that the information that you’re sending in an email can be accessed, and feel free to ping us at support@bubble.io if that doesn’t help. :slight_smile:

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