Sending Parameters Through Email Link

Hi guys, is there a way that I can send email request for someone to follow a link so that they can provide feedback but in the link pop up have their name already populated?

There is a form that gets submitted which creates a database every, and then an email sends to person to follow link to fill out a feedback form.

I don’t want to ask the name again as it has normally already been provided. The email says, Hi , but I can get it to say Hi when the link is followed.

Kindly if anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated.


Sorry some character didn’t sense through.

I meant e.g. Hi John, for example.


  1. Create a Randon String on the data type with the name.
  2. Pass the String in the URL
  3. On Page load, read the random string in a parameter and search for the name.

Hi Nigel,

Thanks for quick reply. I will have look and try. Thanks

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Hi Nigel, if you have time can you kindly provide a couple of examples. I am new to Bubble. Thanks

Hi Nigel, I found the following old article that relates to the same need but there are screen shots missing and I cant seem to follow.

Is this relevent?

@costas Nigel is correct but his explanation is probably confusing for you. Were you able to answer your question? This post was helpful to me

I want to mention something to be aware of. From my understanding there are two types of potential email recipients in your scenario: 1) an existing User (ie already in your database & thus have a unique id) 2) “cold contacts” people who are not in your database & have no unique id in the database as of yet. I note Nigel’s response from the link in your last post covers scenario 2 his answer may be hard to follow for newer bubblers. Nonetheless very likely you are dealing with the 1st scenario.

The “parameter” you need to pass from the a) email link to the b) page in your app must be something that can be read by the page you just directed them to as well not include any confidential info. I personally use a User’s UNIQUE ID but you can use something else if you thought best. See Bubble manual here for nitty gritty Data Sources - Bubble Docs

for (a) something like this


for step (b) on the page the email recipient ultimately lands on should have this function

See my setup. I suspect you should be using “Parameter type”

and then choose a parameter name (ie code) and the type of data being passed. You can use whatever Parameter Name you want (id_un is what I use)

If you’re sending emails to recipients who are not in your database I can’t provide exact steps but passing their name from email to your site’s page is possible. I believe you would need to reference the Bubble manual & the “Path” or see Nigel’s response from the link in your last post.

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Thanks Guy. I just say this now. I appreciate your feedback. I will review this asap.

Thanks again. yes technically they are in my database I when I send them the email request I create a ney thing and have them saved to the database as I would like to use this later. I will have close look at what you said and give it a go and see how I go.

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