Dynamic Data Visual Element Issue

Hi everyone,

I am new to bubble, so far I’m loving it!

I currently have an issue that I’m trying to resolve with dynamic data. I am calling an external api method that has a id parameter. It returns json data such as name, date etc. However, the json data returned includes the id with everything nested below, causing the update (with a different id) not to work since the initial visual element dynamic data name is not the same. Below is an example:

I really just want to remove the id so when I input a new id, the group updates. It’s not working do to the structure of the json. Example:

“1221250”: {
“success”: true,
“data”: {
“type”: “”,
“name”: “”,

Not really sure how to go about it. Any ideas or tips would be helpful.

It looks like not easy. IF you know the json response though, you can manually parse some information part by part. See demo below. I could get information from this json response.

I set it as text response, rather than json, since I will be parsing manually anyway:

And then, for example to get the name, you can do something like this:

Lists are more tricky but still doable. I eliminated the new lines etc first. Then, tried to get each item and trim and replace double quotes:

I would love to see what other more experienced bubblers have a more elegant solution for this.

Here is the editor if you want to check details:

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Hi Hergin,

thanks for the quick response! I will definitely try this and let you know,


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