Dynamic Dropdown Menu with Typing

Hi. I want to know how to have an input field that also acts as a drop down menu. I got to the point of creating the repeating group and used fuzzy search to filter to the name I want. I just can’t figure out how to make the selections that become available to be able to populate them in the input field I am currently in.

Simply put. I want to be able to type a name in an input field, a Repeating Group filters a database based on my input, and then I want to be able to select a name from that list to auto-populate in the same input field.

Any suggestions?

Are you aware of the SearchBox element? Or is that not suitable for your use case?

Wow, do I feel dumb! Thank you so so much!!!

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You shouldn’t. The Bubble platform is broad and deep. It’s easy to miss stuff. :slightly_smiling_face: