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Dynamic dropdown - Help

I am missing out something with the dynamic multi fields, what i am trying to do is look for categories based on mode title, when title is equal > Show choices of type multiple field data.

1-Search for categories > title = mode
2-Show title = mode > type(multiple fields)
It’s not working. Converted all fields entries into 1 choice

Thanks for posting! We’d like to help here. Would you mind posting screenshots of your current set up to provide some additional context?

thank you for putting the time to help, it does not need any screenshots.
Let me explain again with another example.

Data type called: categories
Data fields: [

  1. “category-title” (Single title that own types)
  2. “category-type” (multi-fields of text for the DROPDOWN)

What i am trying to do is when picking category title > Show the choices source of “category-type” separated. What happening is that using this method it’s resulting one choice as a list.

I thought we can simply use the multi fields as a source of choices.

Thanks for the additional information. Would you mind including some screenshots of the data types that you are setting up? It would help a lot to be able to visualize what kind of fields category-title and category-type are!

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