Dynamic dropdown work in version test mode but not live site

When I am in version test mode I cam see dynamic data in my dropdown but when i deployed my app I can’t see dynamic data in the dropdown.
It’s urgent help me to overcome this issue.

You’ll need to export your dev data to your production data.

Just be careful when you do this, as you cannot reverse your data.

Thanks @GhostCodes for you solution. But it looks risky, what if I need to reverse my database?

What do yo mean by ‘reverse your database’?..

The above is not really a ‘solution’ (as there’s no problem being solved)… it’s just how it works…

Your ‘live’ app uses your ‘live’ database. If a dropdown is loading data from the database, it will load the ‘live’ data in your ‘live’ version. If there’s no data in your live database there will be nothing to show in your live app.

So if you’re using your database as the datasource for a dropdown you need to have the relevant data in your live database. There’s nothing ‘risky’ about it.

The risk is overwriting existing data or adding unnecessary data if you don’t use it appropriately.

So there is a risk. By reverse I mean from live to demo, demo to live.

It’s not risky if you’re just starting and playing around. Just do it with a test “thing” and you’ll see what I mean! :slight_smile:

Thanks @adamhholmes for you guidance.

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