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Dynamic dropdowns not working on mobile phones

Hi guys,

I think there is a bug with dynamic dropdowns on mobile.

When a user wants to check his command, he has to enter his First name in an input field (Ex : Bohny)

Then the dynamic dropdown are displaying last names corresponding to this First name.

Everything is working fine on my computer.

However, my friend has no result on his computer while he is using Chrome as well (maybe the screen size?)

Furthermore, this is not working on any mobile phones.
We get “No result” message on the dropdown.

Ps : static dropdowns are working on our phones.

Thanks for your help !

For anyone having the same issue, the answer is pretty simple.

My data had privacy rules (even if the platform isn’t working with a logging system).
I just had to set my data to “public” and it worked :slight_smile:

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