Dynamic image is not rendering from external api

Forum please help me I getting general warning error this image could not be loaded, even though the image url starts with https.

But while inspecting the image source at the right hand side I clicked the image url and below that i can see that image at the 24 row (i.e: image 24 (here the image shows)

please help to resolve this

Because your expression in the dynamic image leads to a list of URLs (not a single URL) and you assign the source of image like this. I can see most of them are empty, that’s why you have a lot of commas ,. You should filter out the empty entries in the array and get the first one (if there are multiple URL’s, you should still decide what to do with all of them).

Could you please guide me to filter them out and for single URL

According to what I see, it should be something like this: Parent group's fbads data's ads:each item's adcreative's image url:filtered:first item and when you type filter, your constraint should be something like below: