Dynamic image not displaying


I had great success last time I asked a question here so here goes!

I’m struggling to get an an image to display from a dynamic source. I have Make.com making changes to a row in the database and it provides a https://theaddressoftheimage/image.jpg style link at a maximum size of 1024px (whichever dimension is greater) to a field called Attachment which has the type image.

Navigating to this image in a browser directly works as expected but when the page renders I don’t see the image (in an image element set as dynamic from the image field of the parent group’s item, text works as expected from the parent group’s item, the parent group does a search for the correct row and type) and inspecting the source reveals a 1x1px gif in place of where the image should be. The thumbnail in app data looks like a broken image but if you press ‘see’ then the image opens as expected. I’m not aware of any privacy setting that may be interfering as another post suggested, it’s just set as public.

This leaves me a bit stumped, does anyone think I’ve missed something vital?

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