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Dynamic images from database are not shown

Hi fellow bubblers,
I’m relatively new to bubble and currently trying to display a list of image links. So far everything went well, except showing the actual images.
I created a data type that has a field “logo” that is an image. I then created a database with entries of that type. I added some sample data and uploaded an image (jpg) for each entry. When I click “see” on an opened database entry within the “App data” view, I’ll get forwarded to the image. It is there!
Now I have a group within a RepeatingGroup. The Group contains a link and an image. When I hit “Preview” I see that my database entries are loaded (all 6 of them), but not the images.
Chrome DevTools shows me the following

If I click the link it shows me a 1x1px gif.
I already checked privacy settings and it’s all on public, so I really don’t get why the images are not shown…
Any ideas?

Seriously. The moment I posted this and went back to my app the images now showed. I didn’t change anything! :rofl:

Maybe there is a reasonable explanation for this.

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