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Dynamic Image from URL uploading but not displaying

Hi all! I have a workflow in my app in which I upload a picture via URL on the frontend, and then on the backend, attach that image to an existing thing.

When I go into my database, I can see that the image successfully uploaded, because I can click “see” next to the image field and the image URL will open up in another tab.

However, the image does not actually display in the database, nor does it display in my app. I can’t figure out what is wrong!

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Hey @nagg !
I’ll need to see the workflow’s you use for uploading an image and screenshots of what the image looks like in the DB.

I haven’t run into this issue myself.

  • Alex

Thanks, Alex! Here are screenshots of what the image looks like in the DB as well as in the app for good measure. The last image is of the workflow.

Hey @nagg ,
My guess is that you’re using an unsupported file type since it looks like a broken image in the Thumbnail section of the Bubble DB.

Does this happen with every single image?

  • Alex