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Dynamic links in Facebook elements

In both the Facebook page and the like element the link fileds are static.
It would be very good if those could be dynamic so that users can ad their own FB-page links.

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I’ll put that on the list.

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I tried putting OG tags in the description to do this…but FB linter moaned they were in the the body.

Try as I might I can’t get the OG tags where they will be picked up.

Would be great if we could do this by page, please. And include dynamic elements.

@emmanuel It would be great to be able to “Facebook like” an individual item in a Repeating Group or in a Pop up, but we need dynamic links…

I’ll add that

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Dynamic Open Graph tags is crucial on a page by page level.

See this implementation ( )

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hmmm… For example, when I share a Buzzfeed story, i get a pop up that has a title, image etc in a Facebook container… is this doable??

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