Dynamic List of Checkboxes - is this even possible?

Hey folks, looking for a little guidance on how to implement the following:

  1. There are a set of categories and under each category there are some skills.
  2. This hierarchy should live in the database.
  3. Each user can select a certain number of skills that apply to them.

So, I’d like to have:

  1. A user page that is dynamically created from the categories + skills in the DB, with checkboxes next to each and separation between categories.
  2. The page should auto-fill each checkbox based on what the user (may have) previously selected and was stored in the DB.
  3. A user can make changes and save them, updating all fields in the DB.

Would really appreciate some guidance or examples on how to best implement something like this. Feel free to point me at topics if I’ve missed them searching…


Hey folks, can someone move this to “Need help” instead of “Database”? I think it’s best suited to live there. I can’t seem to edit the forum any longer.

Hey @david17, speaking of data today - what are your thoughts to this question?

For a visual example:

Yes, Possible

Create Separate table for Category and Skills

Ex: Category : Name field.
Ex: Skills : Category , Name field.

Link Skills to the User table. Add new field called skills (enable multi input on field creation on database)

Create RG group with category and inside create another RG with list of skills.

and add checkbox in skills. Check the status if user’s skills field have this current skills then checked, otherwise not checked.
Once you checked then add this skill to user skills field, otherwise remove from user’s skills field.
For your reference :

Yeah, that’s about it!

What do you want these check boxes to do? Are they filtering? Are they toggle-able?

Hey @manikandan

Sorry, forgot to thank you for this. Looks great so far. Appreciate you building something and letting me poke around with it. Super helpful!