Dynamic page numbers in pagination

Hi there!

So I created a pagination bar in my repeating group. I followed youtube vids, and some resources here, however, I noticed that while my pagination works just right, the numbers in the 1 row 5 column repeating group that houses the page numbers are not changing.

For example, the page is currently on page 5 (you can see that number 5 is bold)
Screen Shot 2022-04-21 at 11.22.03 PM

But in this case, I am on page 6, but the numbers 1-5 have not changed, which should show the next 5-pages.

The text housing the cell numbers (page number) are simply what videos on YT suggest.

What am I missing here?

I find List Shifter the easiest way to do this (and a lot of other related things). There is a video on how here List Shifter: Reverse, Rotate, Swap and ITERATE (Loop) Over Bubble Lists | Now at v1.4: Adds Numeric Option, GET INDEX Action - #101 by keith

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