Pagination Nav Bar with dynamic width

Hi Guys,

  I am creating pagination for the repeating group. I saw the video mentioned in the bubble tutorial. Functionality is working but stuck with page numbers repeating group.

I am using the repeating group for page numbers but unable to give dynamic width. If I have 2 pages my expectation is < 1 , 2> but currently I am getting < 1, 2 with extra space over here > .

If anyone faced this issue without fixed columns in a repeating group let me know.

Configuaration used:

Result Obtained:



Have you tried only using two columns instead of 6? If you choose to have 6 column, your app is going to have these 4 extra cells visible even if there is no data held within them. I suggest configuring your repeating group to the number of cells that have data held within them.

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Thanks Dazhane . I tried this . But my requirement is for dynamic data .so I can’t fix the column value . Any implementation to fix the column value dynamically.

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