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Dynamic page / parameter


Would love to use parameters to trigger a menu (in reusable) across the application.

As we know, it’s easy to fetch the parameter, but to send the parameter - one needs to use “Go to page” (workflow) and include the parameter;

But what happens if we want to stay on the same page, and only “add” the parameter to the Current page?

Often custom states are used to trigger elements/events in reusables, n
no need to use parameters. Or do you have a specific reason to use the page parameter and stay on the same page ? F.i. a lot of logic built around this parameter.

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Hi @gerbertdelangen,

Thanks for the reply, and the video!

Quite basics. I would love to send parameters from a reusable, and set a condition to another reusable (menu) - to be triggered once that parameter matches.

Or there is another way how I can trigger from one reusable another reusable conditions?


You can definitely do that:

  1. give both the reusables f.i. a custom state “option” of type number. Create an element in reusable 1 with which you can trigger a workflow (f.i. a button). Using this this workflow set the value of the custom state to 1.

  2. On the page with the two reusables create a workflow triggered by a “Do when condition is true” event which checks wether the custom state on reusable 1 is not empty and sets the value of the custom state on reusable 2 to the custom state on reusable 1.

  3. In reusable 2 use the condition to update 1 or more elements.

Note: I did experience some weird behaviour (custom state on reusable 2 not always being updated) so if it doesn’t work maybe an intermediate state or element is needed.

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Thanks @gerbertdelangen!

What means f.i.? Have you meant i.e.?

Haven’t tried this with “Do when condition is true”, it seems that will be “laggy”, i.e. delayed, not appropriate for a (simple) menu triggering.

It should be closest as possible to trigger, same as every other menu (triggering) works - smooth, instantly.

Have tried with Current user (data), to have filed Menu (yes/no), and there has been such delay experienced, not always, but sometimes.

What are other options there, to have menu?

In the beginning of (menu) feature development, have started with the floating group, then have reaslied a need of reusable group, to be able editing it from one place, while adding to each application-page.

You are welcome!

F.i. is for instance (to give an example). Do when condition is true can be used for a menu, no problem and it is fast. If you use current user there probably is communication with the Bubble backend. I would use custom states.

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Thanks! Will try that.

Custom state and When condition is true.

Especially as it is aligned with out belief, the letter C, f.i. “Custom” and “Condition” :slight_smile: :+1:

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