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Go to SAME page using "Go to page" in workflow?

Is this possible or is there another way to accomplish what I’m trying to do?

I’m creating an item (menu) and after creating it I want to reload the page with some parameters from the created item. I’m trying to use the “Go to page” action and the destination is the same page that I’m currently on, but I want to reload it with the values that I created in Step 1 into parameters.

The “Go to page” works fine if I’m going to another page, but not the same page.

So we don’t actually refresh the page when it’s the same page, but we change the “thing”. In this case though, parameters won’t be applied, since it’s not an actual refresh. Now why not using a custom state and store the values action/menu in them. This is the same and a much better experience, refreshing pages is very 90s…

OK, I’ll try the custom state option. Any pointers on how to use it? The documentation doesn’t explain the steps very well.

w00t, got it to work. I think I’m making it out of the 90s :wink:

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