Dynamic pages SEO

I have a web app with thousands of dynamic “thing pages”. Users add new things (=pages) every day, some pages are removed daily. Like a big blog with multiple authors, or like this forum.

The problem is all these pages have to be indexed by Google.

I’ve read in other threads that Bubble doesn’t add these thing pages to the sitemap (he adds only static ones). So I guess I have to update sitemap somehow automatically.

  1. What’s the best practice to update sitemap once a thing is created or removed?
  2. Will this be enough for Google crawler to index all my dynamic pages? Or I have to do something else (e.g., update sitemap in Google Console)?

I’ll appreciate if somebody shares his experience with dynamic pages SEO in Bubble.

My understanding is you don’t need a sitemap at all for google to index your pages. Google will crawl the web and index every page that it can find. Additionally, google spiders the web more frequently on pages/sites that change more frequently.

So, I think the key is simply make sure all of your content is linked together somehow and there are at least a few links from other sites to yours. Then, Google should be able to find all of it.

Additionally, you should be able to see what pages Google has indexed on your site using their webmaster tools. So, I’d check that before you spend any time trying to create a dynamically updated sitemap because I suspect you just don’t need one.

That sounds promising. Thank you, I’ll check webmaster tools before spending time on a sitemap

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