[New Feature] Dynamic Sitemaps


We’ve just updated our sitemap feature (accessed via Settings → SEO / metatags → Expose a sitemap file) to include dynamic URLs in sitemaps! This means that if your application has a page with “Type of content” set, all of its dynamically generated pages will now be automatically included in sitemap.xml.

More specifically, we’ve organized our sitemaps so that if your application has dynamic content, then your sitemap.xml will be a sitemap index that contains links to sitemaps for each page of your application. If any of your pages has “Type of content” set, then the sitemap for that page, conveniently named sitemap-{page_name}.xml, will contain all the corresponding URLs. Here’s an example of a sitemap.xml that is a sitemap index:

If your application does not have dynamic content, then your sitemap.xml will be as it was previously. And whether your application has dynamic content or not, the only sitemap file you need to upload to Google Search Console is sitemap.xml!

See the updated reference at: SEO / metatags - Bubble Docs

We hope that this will be helpful for your apps!


You just made my day!! Thank you!


Quick potential bug - I have a custom sitemap xml file uploaded in the hosted files under root directory functionality and I haven’t enabled the first-party sitemap functionality yet at all and I noticed that my sitemap link just says null when I go to myapp.com/sitemap.xml - may be a conflict with the pushed change.

Hey @grace welcome to Bubble :slight_smile: and thanks for the info.


Can you submit a bug report ? That’ll be asked for the team to look into it

Sure sorry about that

Few questions,

  1. Will this be enabled for all by default or we need to publish this to LIVE separately? Because, looks like the sitemap is updated automatically on my site, and I might run into issues because of the point below.
  2. Is there an option to filter some URL’s based on some conditions for a page that has “Type of Content” set. The reason this is important to me is that, there are some URL’s that I don’t want to be included in the sitemap (maybe it’s work in progress, doesn’t have complete information, etc), but after this, I will not be able to control that.
  3. How frequently is the dynamic sitemap updated? If I have new entries or delete some entries for that content type, at what frequency will the new URL’s be updated in the sitemap and vice-versa.
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Thanks @grace ,

I’ve enabled this for 5 pages, each of which has “Type of content” set for the page.

  1. Looking at the sitemap on …/sitemap.xml, there are no ‘sitemap’ tags like in your picture. Only ‘loc’ tags.

  2. Google (search console etc.) only sees the 5 pages. There are no others.




Thanks for flagging; could you please file a bug report so we can track it?

Thanks for the questions! Here are some thoughts:

  1. This is enabled for all by default, the idea being that a larger sitemap that captures all of your live, publicly searchable pages can only benefit your SEO.
  2. We automatically filter URL’s for you based on Privacy Roles. If you want to make sure an individual URL doesn’t show up, make sure that a non-logged-in user (e.g. Google’s crawler) doesn’t have “Find in Searches” permissions.
  3. Dynamic sitemaps are each re-generated if they are more than 1 day old when the URL is visited.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for your response @grace. I’ll go ahead to make the necessary changes to Privacy Roles. I’ll reach out to support if I run into some blocker, but thanks for this new feature. Should definitely help a lot of us here.



Great to see the SEO improvements on the platform evolve, thanks and welcome @grace.


Thank you!! This will help tremendously with SEO

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Great post and great thanks

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I know that is not the right place: is there any future improvements for the H1 H2… tags to make them work ?

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Hi @grace and others at bubble, yes - SEO is a big issue, or has been hopefully. Happy to have something to ipmrove and impress Google´s 200 secret sorting criterias for a high ranking! This is generally a mystery. Google sorts and perferes multimillion USD corpoarations who have hundreds of “journalists” posting all the time and linking 1000s of pages to each other, spending millions on ads to Google. They see that efforts as “an interesting page” for others and they think they are very “democratic” in what they do. In fact it is post-communistic and dumb. But there is no “democratic & free” choice nowhere in Search Engine, anyone uses Google. It is a monolithic monopoly, celebrating their own little ideas what the web and the search result should be.
But anyway, a BIG thank you for improvemnts in Bubble!

Ah, yes, and Google stopped since 2 days my Google Ads Campaigns! Anyone else with that issue, do you think it has to do something with the update on the Xml-file? Thanks!

Hi @grace - I just checked Google Search Console, and errors come up as this, could you tell me what I should do to make it work? Thanks,


I tried to see behind the site map of my dynamic page, it shows at the url the unique id of my datas. But instead I prefer to use another field as a parameter in the url.
How is it possible to choose a field different than the unique id to use in the url ?

That can happen if the site maps were still being generated, can you check after a few hours?

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