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Dynamic pages and sitemaps

Hi there, I just would like to confirm some points on sitemaps as it seems like bubble has been performing updates on this lately and many forum posts are quite outdated.

So essentially, I have a platform in which users are able to make topic boards (similar to Pinterest) and attach a bunch of information under this webpage. I have used a singular webpage that uses dynamic content to get this information. The url of each page ends with

I have selected this page to be added to the sitemap file under the SEO/metatags section and would just like to know if there would be a better way to ensure that Google crawls my site? As many new boards are being created daily, I do not have the time to upload the sitemap files manually. Overall SEO is one of my main priorities so I want to ensure that the process is as effective as possible.

Thanks in advance!

Building on this, would I have to expose the sitemap file of both my mobile page version and the web-based version? Or would just the web-based be fine?