Dynamic Photo for background in group not loading properly

Hey there,

I’ve run into this issue a few times and am not sure what’s causing it. I’m using groups inside of a repeating group. Each group’s data source is set to the current cell’s value (a thing called a “Menu Item” in my database). The background for each group is set to a dynamic image --> “Current Cell’s Menu Item’s Photo”.

For the most part, everything works fine. Occasionally, though, the groups appear to get stuck.

In the photos above, for example. The group is not displaying the correct photo, even though when I inspect it in my browser, the group seems to have the correct data to work with.

The repeating group’s data source is different depending on what category of Menu Item the user is looking at, and the group seems to get stuck on a photo when navigating between different types of menu items. In the screenshots above, the Menu Item “Smoked Chocolate and Cherry” has a picture that is different from the one being displayed. You can see the correct picture when I inspect it, so I don’t know why it’s not displaying it. Please help!

You should file a bug report for this.

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