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Wrong content in Repeating Group

Today when opening my photo app I populated the Repeating Group with all images in the database. I reloaded the page but no change. Then I clicked on a menu link leading to the current page, and suddenly only the images related to the chosen thing was shown.

Having had issues with Repeating Group loading time I have a hunch this might not be a bug regarding making the right search in the database (bu the Bubble engine), but rather simply lag time waiting for correct data to show for the Repeating Group. Since I swapped back and forth between Things view different sets of images somehow the Repeating Group “remebers” all images before getting the subset to show. This reasoning also goes in line with my other issues with Repeating Group loading times. See bullet 3 in Slow Response from Bubble

Regarding bullet 3, what’s the order of the workflow in the pop Up? Are you showing the pop up, then changing the data source? Or changing data source, then showing pop Up?

There’s no workflow in the popup (only on buttons clicks). The Repeating group is set to the type of Thing to show but has no Data source. The Repeating Group content is set in a workflow when the user selects of “mother” Thing in the base page. This way I’m trying to get at preload, but it doesn’t seem to work. I even tried to hide/show the Repeating group (until loaded) but still the same.

Action in base page workflow:

Are you using the display data in group action when you select the “mother” in the base page?

I’m not sure I understand. The Action above is the only one executed when “mother” is selected on the base page.

Oh, I think I might be misunderstanding. Here is what I thought you were describing:

  • I push a button in a cell that has data in it
  • That button opens up a Popup that has a repeating group in it
  • The repeating group in the popup doesn’t immediately show the right stuff

Is this not what’s happening? I’m realizing I might have been trying to solve the wrong problem.

Close! :slight_smile:

  1. A list of “mother” Things in a Repeating group.
  2. The user clicks a row, that “mother” is selected, and I run the Action above to populate the “child” Repeating group in the popup (still not visible).
  3. The user clicks another time, this time a button that simply opens the popup with the “child” Repeating group.

“Mother” list on base page:

When the user does the second click (on the “Vänner”) button the popup with this list is shown. It’s this list that contains old data:

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