Dynamic picture not working


I have a set of images like this:
https://wine.alexanderahlsen.no/chart/01.png ranging from 1-12. In my DB I have a field called “description-freshness” with a text number like “02”. I want to use this value to get the right pie chart. Why is it not working?
Skjermbilde 2020-06-24 kl. 14.03.51 Skjermbilde 2020-06-24 kl. 14.03.42

If you are stored field datatype is number then, prefix 0 will be not added, but it works on text datatype.

It’s stored as text

May be this text will have space etc. use trimmed:.
Otherwise. just show the “CurrentPage Wine’s Description-freshness” into input box, Sure you will get the value and what is the exact issue.
May be this field will be blocked due to privacy setup.

I printed it as a text and it’s coming out a a number with removed “0”, how can I add it again?