Dynamic Profile Image Defaults

Looking for any ideas on how to display dynamically chosen images as a default when the user has not uploaded a profile image. The goal is to use a colored circle with the first letter of the user’s first name, same as what’s being used in this forum.

Here is an idea: TIL: an easy way to create a user's profile image / avatar -- or generate a unique one

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Adding a follow-up to my original post. Hopefully it helps you out if you are looking for the same thing.

I found a FREE plugin called “Alphabet Profile Images” which does exactly what I needed. Just an FYI, make sure you look at the example on how to use it. There is a simple two step way to set this up.

  1. Add the Alphabet Profile Image element to your page. It will not be visible. Set the property to point to the name (Eg. User’s First Name") of the item you want the first letter from.
  2. Set the conditional properties on your profile image element to use the Alphabet Profile Images’ Image when the User’s profile image is empty.

Hope this help!

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