Dynamic Radio Button

Hello folk,

I try to build a dynamic radio button however i only change the first choice of radio button.

Option caption area allow to me only this changing or i miss something.

I just want to retrieve choices from question table for a specific question

Thanks in advance.

Hey @nyalova

Set the choices as one field instead of multiple fields in your data type Question. This field should be a list of texts (when you create a new field in Data > Data Types > Question, just check the box « this field is a list »). You can then add the different choices to this list in App Data.

You option caption would then be Current Option’s Choices

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Hello ambroisedlg,

Thanks for quick help. Actually i did like what you said. However, still living some issues.

Here is my question table.

For a specific question title, i try to get its choices, i could’nt understand the bubble logic for this yet.

Many thanks.

@nyalova you should get choices for a Question, not a Question’s Title.

In general, you must set the data source to a Thing, then display this Thing’s fields in elements on the page. I would suggest you to go through the lessons to understand the basic logic :wink:

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