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Radio buttons > data

I have 3 radio button selections with a button for “saving” the selection? How do I “save” the selected button into the user’s database entry?


do you have dynamic or static choices? Here is an example for dynamic choices. I used an option Set here:

With static you can do very similiar (e.g. for next fields).



Got you now! Is it possible to display the options horizontally, instead of vertically ?

Yes, use the “Number of Columns” setting in the radio button.

Got it! Thanks. I can’t seem to be able to store any value. Where do you set the “value” of each radio button?

Maybe it makes sense that you share what you currently have so far.

And you checked what happens if you click on Finish? The change in the database for that user for the attribute goal?

It’s just stays empty :confused:

I’m sure there is another issue:

Did you checked the following?

  1. Are sure you are logged in as a user?
  2. Used the debugger to see what is going on?

  1. The goal attribute for the data type user is a text field?

ha! the “finish” button was “not clickable” :slight_smile:

Hahahah so close :wink:

Glad you made it @ido1 :wink:

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