Dynamic repeating group

I have a need to do something very complicated with a repeating group that I’m not even sure if it’s possible.

I have an app with a data type which is a company with a lot of fields, something like 200 fields…

I need to have a drop-down with lets say 40 subjects, which are the titles of fields of the company data type, and once the user chooses a subject and presses a “compare” button, he will be shown a repeating group of all the companies, but I want that the repeating group will only show the subject he chose, aka only the content of the chosen field from the drop-down.

I’ll give an example: lets say there is a field called “percentage of women in the management” - so the user chooses this subject in the drop-down and presses the compare button - in the repeating group table he will see all the companies content of this field only.

So my question is - is it possible to define the same repeating group to show each time a different field?

I hope I was clear enough - if ill need to clarify some more, I’d be happy to…

Hi there, @obrm770… can what you have described be done? Yup. Can it be done easily or efficiently? Well, that’s a different question.

I believe I have created a simple example of what you have described with a Company data type with these fields…


Then I have a simple UI that looks like this…


… and when an option is selected, a field in the repeating group shows the associated data…


If that’s what you are trying to accomplish, I did it with a combination of an option set that includes options that correspond to the fields in the db that you want to compare, and then I have a single field in the repeating group that has conditionals on it to show the correct data…

Now, do I have any idea what happens if you try to put 40 conditionals on a field in a repeating group? Nope, I sure don’t. Are there probably other ways to accomplish this? Yup, I’m guessing there are. But this is the one that came to my mind, and I hope it helps, even if it’s just food for thought.


Its funny that this thread should come up (again) today of all days. I’m literally about to launch a plugin for this. There have been others, but nothing quite like this:

Demo App:

I needed this for my own purposes so I made it. More details to arrive shortly :slight_smile:


I think your idea is the most elegant and good - I’ll do it.

Thanks a lot!

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