Repeating Group, Is this possible in bubble?

I have a repeating group which represents a Type from the database, and i want to show different info for different things, based on the value of a field of that Type.

For Example: i have a RG showing a list of Rooms, and for Bedrooms i would wanna show info about “# of beds”, but for Dinnette i would wanna show “# of Chairs”.

Is that possible?

Assuming your Room item is something like …

Room type: text // Dinnete or Bedroom

beds: number

chairs: number

corpses: number

Then your cluedo app RG can have a text item …

cell’s # beds with a conditional status when cell’s Room type is “Bedroom”

or you can build in the conditions into the text itself …

cell’s Room type is “Bedroom” :formatted as text ( yes: cell’s # beds , no: cell’s # corpses )