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Dynamic Slidebar Menu

Is there any way to show/hide certain navigation options in the Slidebar menu, based on info I have on the user?


EDIT - wrong post

Not really, actually, as you can’t have 2 slidebar menus in the same page. That’ll lead to terrible stuff (it’s an issue with the plugin we use). And the options can’t be dynamic, as it has to be defined on page load. So for mobile, best is to do different pages if the menu needs to change.

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OKay thanks.

My work-around has been to use a slidebar menu icon that triggers a floating group on the left that animates in/ out when you click it.

Trying to create something that looks like the menu bar on the Google Material Design page


Thanks for sharing your workaround, Tara! @twr2105

+1 on needing this feature as well, hopefully something to look forward to in future releases?

We just added this, as we changed the code behind the element.


So can you use dynamic content in a slidebar menu now or no?

What you can do right now is change the content via the conditional tab.


Is it possible to use two slidebar menus now? Thanks!