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Slidebar Menu - Nested and/or Dynamic Items Possible?

Hi! Thanks in advance for your response.

I’m working with the Slidebar navigation plugin. It’s great, but I’m wondering how far it’s functionality can be pushed. Can I:

-Have nested items? Essentially, when the user clicks on a text in the nav, the entire nav ‘slides’ to out of frame to the next set of text values (a sub-menu).

-Have dynamic content? I know the “Insert Dynamic Data” option pops up; but does anyone have a good workflow for creating a new page and linking to it in a nav? I’m basically looking for a user to be able to create a new ‘page’ via an input and have Bubble both create the page and link to it in the nav.

Thanks again!

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After research and experimenting, it looks like using a Repeating Group within a Floating Group, calling it with a Button, and utilizing Animation is the best way to dynamically perform this function.

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Hopefully when graphical plugins are available to be developed, it should be a lot easier to create more complex side bars.

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