Dynamic text appearing as lorem ipsum in preview

This is the dynamic text inserted
Screenshot (10)

and this is the preview im getting

The page type of content is category , any help would be super appreciated.
Thank you

You need to append the slug value of the Category to the url


Hello thank you for replying , im a little new to bubble how exactly would i proceed to do that?
any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

When you’re sending a user there with the Go to page action, click send more parameters and specify the slug value there.

@aryan2003dikshit… if it helps, here is another recent thread on this topic, and it should give you more context about what is going on, if you’re interested.

I did go through the whole thing but im not using event forms and slugs , hence im very confused.
For some reason the dynamic text works here (for the products and price) but not on the category of the products.
Screenshot (12)
The type of content for the page is content if that matters.

Im building a single page application so im not using go to page action.

You can still do it just by sending it to the page with a new parameter.

@doug.burden even if im building a mobile application?

Yea that’s right

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