Can't link pages to Repeating Group elements

Hello everybody, I’m quite new to Bubble, and i struggle to do something witch should be quite easy but i can’t get through.

I created a Repeating group on the top of my page, that displays all of my categories. Now all of those categories icons & text must link to an other page (the page of the category).

So basically, i just need to dynamicly link the text of my categories to this category page (see picture).

All of those pages are created and their URL contain the currents cell’s display’s name. So i tried this workflow:

Destination: Dynamic page
Dynamic page name: This URL → Contains → Current cell’s category’s → Display.

Doesn’t work, Bubble tells me: Dynamic page name should be text but now it is a yes or no. (Weird because “display” is the name so = text).

Also tried to create a new attribute named “page” in my categories attributes and paste the URL of the category page in each attributes.

Doesn’t work either.

Anyone could please help me see a bit clearer on what I’m doing wrong? :slight_smile:

Hi @clement4 :wave:

The expression you are using is actually a question:

Does the current cell’s category’s Displays is in this URL?

So the result of this expression will be YES/NO. That is why you are getting this error.

What you want is to navigate to the page where the name of this page is equal to the Current cell’s category’s Display. So, for this, in the field to inform the Dynamic Page you want to navigate to, just type:

Current cell's category's Display

Note that the Current cell’s category’s Display should be EXACTLY the name of the page, otherwise, it will not work. And note that this comparison is case sensitive. So if your Current cell’s category’s Display is “Alertes” and the page name is “alertes”. It will not work either…

What you can do to solve the case sensitive issue is to navigate to:

Current cell's category's Display :lowercase

Hope it helps!

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Hi @rpetribu, thank you very much for your help, it works just fine :ok_hand:

I knew it would be something you do in 2 clicks :rofl:

Thanks again!

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