Dynamic vertical center inside of a repeating group

Hi !

I’m trying to align text inside of a repeating group. The text is verticaly aligned, and everything wooks fine as long as I have a 1 line text. But as soon and the text goes too long, everything goes wrong :

I tried to put the text in a group and align the group but it doesn’t work either.

The problem is even more clear here : I’m dynamicaly adding fields (I have repeating groups inside of repeating groups) so I have no idea of the height of the group, and as you can see, the text and the “+” button remains at the top but I would like them to be verticaly centered.

I discovered this solution of the forum : Centering repeating group elements it seems that it is not exacly the same issue as here it’s inside the repeating group, but maybe a script could help it ?

Thanks a lot for your help !!

Hi everyone,

I finaly found an answer, maybe this could help ! I added a class to each group and text I needed verticaly aligned with the pluggin Classify (group-vertical), then I added a script in the workflow :


“position”: “unset”,

And it’s actualy working :slight_smile:


You could show images, or the example link to see how you solved it, thanks in advance. :v: