Keep text/images centered

I am trying to keep everything centered in my group inside a repeating group. It is no longer centered when there is a lot of text. Example below.

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Is this not possible because I feel like it is

I think you want to center the text vertically correct? Click the text element and Under style select the option that is blank, then you’ll get more formatting options, as you can see there’s centering text horizontally with the little icons (text justification) and “center the text vertically” checkbox

If you want to save these settings then you can also save them in the styles tab

Yes, I know about this. That is how my text is setup but when I type alot it does expand the box unless it is like on the edge of it. Also is there a way to center a picture?

You can: Align text at the bottom or TRUE center for a consistent, sexy UI

Try that for the text. For the image, I would have to do more research.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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@J805 I have been trying to understand how to do that but I am having no luck.

Do you think you can setup an example and share it?

I would try asking in the other post maybe. I can only figure out the text at the moment.



For the image, try:

Maybe that will give you some direction.

Hope that helps a bit! :blush:

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