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Dynamic width and height design on different viewports/window sizes

I am starting to think that I cannot get dynamic height using Bubble. I have looked everywhere and tried a few things but to no avail.
This is what I want. How do I create this?

It is a group that resizes with my viewport size in both width and height, and a repeating group inside that never exceeds the parent group, but uses scroll bars. I cant get it done in Bubble. Any help would be appreciated.

This is an earlier thread of mine with some settings (which did not work)
Getting the repeating group in the right size - Need help / App Organization - Bubble Forum

Anyone? I am rather stuck right now.

Hey, can I see your editor in order to see the layout settings?

Of course, I put screenshots in my previous post:

like this Bubble-solutions | Bubble Editor , ?

This is not completely what I mean. In the short video clip I posted, you can see that the group which holds the repeating group grows and shrinks when I change the viewport’s size. In you example, it doesn’t do that, it is is just fixed.