Dynamic height of sidebar as repeating group expands the height of the page

Hi there,

I am having trouble with heights in my app as I summarize in the title.

The issues is that I have created a sidebar navigation for the users dashboard, where they can jump between different menu items like “my profile - my calendar - etc.”

The problem is that this sidebar is another color from the background of the page - so when a repeating group (or an expanded text field) expands the page this sidebar does not follow along, meaning it leaves a gap between the footer and the sidebar, which does not look very pretty.

Any ideas on how to solve this without redesigning the dashboard structure?


Are you using a floating group?

No I stopped using a floating group as this caused some issues for me with shadows

The Floating group is your only native option for this kind of purpose. There’s a plugin that can adjust height

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Ah what I feared! thank you for clarifying!

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