Dynamic width for controls

There are many scenarios in which it would be useful for elements to have the width of what they contain, primarily dynamic text and text-based controls

One example is a breadcrumb where you want to position link elements in a horizontal sequence without gaps:

Because of the lack of this feature, the middle link looks silly.

The easiest way to implement without trying to change the positioning model all round might be to have an option in a group “Sequential placement” or something like that, meaning that all items in the group would have no width and follow one another horizontally.

Other scenarios: position an icon directly to the right of a piece of text

This was mentioned in this forum entry:http://forum.bubble.io/t/dynamic-width-of-textbox/1257


Text elements will stretch down if needed, but not to the right :frowning:

Have you tried to set a max width to maybe 150%?

Did you find a solution?