Dynamic Width of Horizontal Repeating group's groups


Does anyone know how to setup dynamic width horizontal repeating groups?

Here is it breaking due to some names being longer:

Any workarounds on this besides making all the groups in the repeating group longer?


If it looks correct in the design mode then try putting them in a group inside the repeating group and make that group fixed width. I mean make the group big enough since the width are dynamic and so it would warp when you shrink the page.

Other then that they yeah I think the only thing would be to resize them or the text.

Yeah so the repeating group has a group inside that is fixed, and then a text element to show the name.

I am looking for how to make the group/text element expand if the text is longer and shorter if the name is shorter.

Making all the groups long looks odd for shorter named items. Ya know?

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Good question. I understand what you mean now. When I get time to hope on I’ll look and see if there is a possibility.

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