Dynamically add new input field by clicking a button

I am working on a app where the landing page will have 2 input fields: Name and Amount

There would be a button ‘Add More Players’ for the user to add another set of Name and Amount input field.

Finally a save button that will call the external api and render the response on bubble (In this case what is the structure of request bubble will create for external api)

Can someone please advice on how to accomplish the above


One option would be to simply have the fields clearing each time so that they could re-use the same fields. You could add a repeating group below that shows the values that are being added, so the user has a visual indicator. Then you could just have a Save button at the bottom that saves everything.

Hopefully that helps

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@atgoyals No sure if it works, but can you create a RG which includes a state of a list. Then add the two inputs on the cell of the RG. And when clicking on the ‘Add new player’ button, start a workflow that appends a new record to the state list?

Hey, I want to do exactly the same thing, i am new to bubble, can you explain me with more details the process to do so ? thanks !