Adding new input when button is pressed

Hi All,

I am a Bubble new starter, and have a basic question.

I would like a new input box to appear whenever the user presses the ‘+’ button. The new input will appear directly under the previous input box each time. The user can then press ‘Submit’ to submit all inputs they have entered.

How is best to approach this? I thought about using a repeating group but don’t know how to make it work.

Thanks in advance!

‘Adding’ multiple inputs is relatively simple in Bubble…

Using a repeating group is the correct thinking… of course it depends on many factors of what you’re actually trying to do as to how to actually go about doing that, but here is a simple example, using a list of numbers as a data source (but in your app, it could be a list of anything).

Add Inputs (

But, the question of how to access the values of those inputs, and use them in a workflow (or elsewhere) is rather more complicated, and something that Bubble doesn’t make easy…

So it depends on exactly what you’re intending to do with those inputs that will determine your overall approach here.

You’re a legend Adam, thanks so much for your help!

I’ve started rebuilding this in my editor, but am a little stuck around the data source part. You use a list of numbers (using a group format I think) but I am trying to figure out how I can specify the column in my database table that I wish to add the IDs to.

Let’s assume this is for a psychology clinic and the table I wish to update is called ‘Clients’. Then, for the current user (a psychologist from the clinic) they will be adding their Client IDs into the system. Each psychologist will have a different set of clients (so these IDs differ between current users of the app). Hopefully this makes sense.

Thanks again for your help

Actually Adam,

I have now added the toolbox and figured out how to do it :slight_smile:

Then next step will be for me to figure out how to upload the list. I am tipping I just need to add a workflow to the submit button?


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