Dynamically centering an RG in "full list" mode (horizontally)?


I would like to add and delete Icons to a Repeating group. The RG should list all Icons horizontally. And therefore, it would be great if the RG could be dynamically centered. Is this possible?

This is a litte Test:

It pretty much does what I want it to do. Except the “auto-centering” part.

And this is what I would like to achieve in the end:

Small dots which represent slides.

Ok, seems to be tricky in bubble. And I am obviously not the first one struggling with this thing :slightly_frowning_face:

Oh and this one gave me the solution :smiley: :+1::

Cheers for the help @mirko.heimburger.

Someone else has just pointed me to the best solution I’ve found here Centering repeating group elements - #6 by Christophe_HK


I was able to make workaround on this issue using image
and this settings on the repeatinggroup
need to add the Element ID

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