Repeating group display columns vertical instead of horizontal. How do I do this?

I have a repeating group with 4 columns. The sort is going right, then down, then right. etc.

I want it to go down in the first column on the left, then to start at the top of the next column and go down.

How do I do this?

Yikes, that is probably not easy. If it was a fixed list length you could use four RGs with item from # and item until # but I’m guessing from the screenshot this is something that could well be a variable length list. Fingers crossed someone can help you.

Thanks for the reply. Yes this is a full list. It is a variable list of companies.

What we all need is for bubble to allow us to set the row/columns dynamically!

I hope one the more techie people on the forum can give you a solution or a workaround.

Yes, I was hoping Bubble had a builtin feature to do this.

Here you go. Nested RGs so the items are listed vertically in column one before moving laterally to column two. This works on a variable length list. I have assumed four columns as that is what your example shows.

Wow! Nice! I’m dissecting on it now.

Brilliant. I have it working in my app! Thank you! I love the nested RG group technique.

That was one of those instances where you go to bed with a problem, then wake up in the very early hours with a solution and have to get out of bed and write it down before you forget it. Please mark that reply as the solution and I’ll leave the page up to help others.

One more quick thing…How can I make that Outer RG responsive?

Never mind, I figured it out. Thanks for your help. When I get better, I’ll do the same.

Happens to me all the time.

Please tell me how you made it responsive. That one had me stumped.

I changed it from horizontal to ext. vertical scrolling 1x1. But it’s not perfect yet. I’m getting over flow at the end of the list.

Explain ‘overflow at the end of the list’ or better yet a screengrab. Your problem really caught my imagination.

Give me a minute. Everything is slowing to a crawl at the moment. Bubble may be pushing an update? Or it’s my internet.

Here is “overflow”

In responsive screen in single column.

I’m not following. By overflow are you talking about the strange gray horizontal lines or is it something in the data of the final screengrab.

Grey lines. I don’t know what they are yet.