Dynamically Changing the Type of Choices of Dropdown

Hey Everyone,

Newbie here, however i have spent quite of bit of time in powerapps.

So my question is as my title states, is there a way to change the “Type of Choices” with a workflow for a dropdown.

What I would like to do is change the Type of choices for the dropdown based on weather or not the user is wanting to use a favorite design or build a new design.

something like this…
“If (load favorite button is pressed) dropdown type = favorites, else dropdown = standard”
anyway to do this?

Hi there!

You can change sources of a dropdown in the conditionals tab:

Hope that helps!


Thanks @Nocodify, i thought i had tried that and it didnt workunless i had something else messed up. if the choice of the dropdown is standard and I have a conditional to change if a button is pressed it should do that correct?

You’d need to add one more step, since conditionals don’t work when a button is pressed.

So in your case, I’d recommend doing something like this:

  1. Add a workflow to the button to set a state to an element when it’s clicked
  2. Add a conditional to the dropdown, when X element state = X , choices source =


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Choices source is different from Type of choices right?

If the standard and favorites are two different data tables.

If i want to use a favorite I need the content from that specific data table, vs the content of standard types data table.

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