Dynamically Choose from a List of Option Sets SOLUTION ADDED

I’m attempting to allow a subset of users to create surveys for another subset of users. The survey answers are based on different Likert Scales. When a user creates a survey I would like for them to pick from a list of 8 different types of Likert Scales for each of their questions. I am restructuring my database to be able to accommodate this feature, so if its creating data types, option sets, plugins, I just can’t find the right combination.

Question One, (How often do you…?) Answer Scale One, Frequency.
Question Two, (How important is it…?) Answer Scale Two, Importance.

That user submits the survey that can be selected and answered by another user. When the end user sees question one they can pick from a dropdown based on the Frequency Likert Scale, so the dropdown would have Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, Almost Never as choices.

I have tried to create an option set with Likert Scales that link to another option set with a single Likert, but that didn’t work. I tried giving attributes to the Likert Scales option set list, but that didn’t work. I’ve tried to use a static list in the survey creation that links to a dynamic list on the end user, that didn’t work. This doesn’t seem like it is out of the realm of possibility given all that Bubble is capable of, but I can’t find a way to make this work.

Any help is appreciated, thank you.


After much headache, if you’d like to build a survey function using Likert Scales as options, here is the solution that works flawlessly for me. I can track all the answers to each survey and chart them out for the survey creator.

Data Types & Fields:
-Question One (Text)
-Question Two
-Survey ID (Generate Random String - Text)
-Survey Name (Text)
-Answer Scale One (Option Set: Likert Scales)
-Answer Scale Two (Option Set: Likert Scales)
-Answer Scale…(Option Set: Likert Scales)
-Answered By (Users)
-Answer ID (List of Text)

Survey Answers
-Survey Name (Text)
-Question 1 Answer (Text)
-Question 2 Answer (Text)
-Question…Answer (Text)
-Answer ID (Generate Random String - Text)

Option Set:
Name - Likert Scales
Options - 3-Point Agree, 5-Point Agree, Frequency, Importance, Support, Likelihood, Yes/No/Maybe, Satisfaction
Options Attribute - Options (List of Text)
3-Point Agree (Agree, Neutral, Disagree)
5-Point Agree (Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree, Strongly Disagree)
Frequency (Very Often, Often, Sometimes, Not Often, Never)
Importance (Very Important, Important, Neutral, Not Important, Not At All Important)
Support (Strongly Support, Support, Neutral, Oppose, Strongly Oppose)
Likelihood (Highly Likely, Likely, Neutral, Unlikely, Highly Unlikely)
Yes/No/Maybe (Yes, No, Maybe)
Satisfaction (Highly Satisfied, Satisfied, Neither, Dissatisfied, Highly Dissatisfied)

When you get to the hard part (if you’re doing this you’ll know what I’m talking about) the drop down choices will be Type of Choices (Text), Choice Source (Current Survey Answer Scale One Options), Option Caption (Current Options).


Answer (options set)
Display: Daily, Weekly, … etc
Rating (number), 6,5,4,3,2,1

Date (date)
Respondent (user)
Rating (number)
Answer (answer)

On your survey page use a radio button element with data type “answer” which is the options set. When they answer you have the rating number which you can then use to create and populate the “survey”. Or if the survey was pre-created … just update it with the answer and the rating number.

I hate to say this because I really appreciate that you took the time to do all that and I’m grateful, but that’s only the second part. I know I’m not explaining this well either, but the part I"m stuck on is joining the second part with the first part.

I need to go from a page titled Create Survey to a page titled Take Survey. Using your example above, the page Create Survey has a dropdown with Answer 1, Answer 2, Answer 3, Answer 4…Answer 8. Once an answer type, we’ll say Answer 3, is selected the survey is submitted. At that point another user can select the survey and go to the Take Survey page. Take Survey then shows the choices in Answer 3 (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, et al) that the end user can select and submit to complete the survey.

I hope that explains it better. I am grateful for your time, thank you.


No worries and thanks for your kind words :grinning:

Are you dealing with a template or are you describing how you envision your app functioning?

Building from the ground up, so this is all custom work. Which could be awesome or a fools errand, but we shall see! Haha! So far the app works wonderfully, this is the last piece and I just can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

I would:

Build a survey page with a repeating group that displays the options sets “answer” using the radio box and populating it with the needed questions, as the survey is fixed (X number of questions and all with the options from 1 to 6 as answers) this should be straightforward.

Build a deploy survey page to set up the respondents and invite them via email to answer the survey sending them a personalized link. That way when they respond I will know who responded.

With the numbered answers it would be easy to chart responses in tables or charts elements (web chart would be useful as we are dealing with 6 types of responses)

But … that is just me.

Best of luck with your project! :grinning:

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